All the gadgetry, none of the gimmickry.

We love technology and believe in it. We’re fearless when it comes to trying out the new stuff but we don’t necessarily succumb to the trends. We’ll sample it all and keep what works.

From the introduction of the video assist 25 years ago, we have given the industry the director‐producer tandem, the first HMI lights, the motion control, the first complete HD shoot to post facility, the first feature film shot on HD and blown to film (Santa Santita), the Phantom camera, and now the virtual studio.
While we’re big fans of digital technology, we are also ready and able to adapt to different demands. For example, we know there are many who are faithful to film, so we  have converted our Arri 3 camera to a 2‐perf system, cutting film and rawstock requirements and negative processing time by half. It’s all about harnessing technology and making it work for you.


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