Virtual Set System

How to Fit a Colossal Set Into A Tiny Studio

Aksyon Primetime

Something ingenious has arrived.
Your crazy studio set is no longer impossible to build. Or store.
Cameras travel live through massive 3D spaces.
People and computer graphics move together – in real time.

Introducing the Virtual Set System

Unitel brings a spectacular breakthrough that will change the way you set up, shoot and showcase your creative ideas.

The Virtual Set System is an effective and efficient tool for contemporary production that allows the combination of people or other real objects and CG environments and objects in real time.  By using sensors which track camera movements, the real camera can move in 3D space, while the image of the virtual camera is being rendered in real-time from the same perspective.  Unitel’s virtual set system may be used in various productions such as television shows (news, magazine-type shows, talk shows, entertainment shows etc.), corporate video presentations, television commercials, videos for live events and for pre-visualization work.

Greater artistic & design freedom

Since set designs are no longer built using physical hardware but in software, practically any background or environment that you can conceive can be achieved using the Virtual Set.  Sets that previously could never have been built, for reasons of complexity, size, or cost, can now be realized graphically. Packaged with a sophisticated virtual crane and dolly system and VR cameras that have eight camera positions each, camera movements within the 3D space of the virtual set are practically unlimited!

Cost efficiency

Small studios can be made to appear larger, and re-used to a number of multiple productions, both conventional and virtual. Cost savings also result in the area of transportation and storage of sets and props.

With proper set preparation, actual shoot time and manpower are reduced significantly.  In postproduction, labor-intensive work such as compositing and/or rotoscoping are eliminated.

The virtual set system offers a significant amount of production cost savings vis-à-vis the actual cost when doing projects with conventional production tools and workflow.

To date, the virtual set technology has been used in the creation of the new opening billboards for TV5’s news programs, for creative storytelling segments in the popular children’s television show Batibot and on a corporate video presentation for one of the biggest networking companies in the Philippines.


In a few weeks time, Unitel will finish the construction of a virtual sound studio, a sound stage housing the virtual set system, complete with a permanent lighting system and a green/blue chroma background, for a faster and more efficient shoot.


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